Talk About A Bad Rep :(

Check out this news story I found on a Korean website. I found it by typing in “black woman” in Korean. I can’t read Hangul but in this case, a picture, or rather, several pictures, speaks a thousand words. This does not show us in our best light. What the?? Why am I saying “us”?? Those girls can be as ghetto and classless as they want to be, and I, for one, will be no part of it!

You can watch the tragic video clip below…

This kind of stuff just ticks me off. There are so many of us that work extra hard to give black women as a whole a good name, by the way we carry ourselves and the way treat each other. How “lovely” to see how “well” we are portrayed in other parts of the world.

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8 thoughts on “Talk About A Bad Rep :(

  1. i’m not sure why a video of women fighting in ocala, florida would be posted on a korean ‘news’ site???…a rough translation says a gang rumble between black women resulting in clothes being torn off is not a scene from a movie… *eye roll*…it also says that the video has gotten tens of thousands of hits and police are looking into it…

    i don’t frequent many korean news or other sites as i’m a newbie at hangul…so i don’t know what they are posting about americans in general, black americans specifically.. but i have read comments from koreans who said that their thoughts about black people come from what they see online, on tv, and in movies because there aren’t many of us in S. Korea…if this is what they are judging us by… 😦

  2. I am at a loss, to say they least. Somewhere, someone with the intellect of a rock thought filming this and displaying it online would be what? Funny, amusing, visually stimulating or maybe we just needed yet another negative portrayal of African Americans in general. WTF!!!!! Stick a fork in me, I’m done! All I can say is for those of us with an ounce of dignity, self respect and love for one another, please please please continue to show those around us who we truly are.

  3. I wondered did the incident come from China? I remembered seeing it on a Chinese website. I looked at some of the remarks that was written about it and some of the remarks that some of the posters made was awful and very racist,(at least on the Chinese website I viewed). It reminded me of what was done to Lou Jing a couple of years back. The poor girl was downgraded because of something she didn’t know and for her race.

    Media is a very manipulative. The people behind it are only going to show what they want to show. It sort of reminds me of false advertising. What you see is not necessarily what you always get. Unfortunately, there are people who would rather base people from TV images than to conduct proper research in understanding the real world. Not long ago, there was this Asian man who came to our church w/his Black female friend. I didn’t know anything about this guy,but I was happy when this guy stepped in our church. ( I’m not saying that this man was naive about Black people, for there are sone Asian people who know and live around Black people. For all I know, he could have been very enlightened about us.) I was just happy that he was there. First of all, he was being exposed to the real Black church( remember The Jeremiah Wright incident?), the church was in a good black community and he was being exposed to Black people who didn’t fit the “ghettofabulous”mode. There are Black people all over the US who aren’t gangbangers, lazy, complainers,but if people aren’t willing to be open minded about it,of course they will always see the bad side of us and life in general. I don’t know their purpose in Korean/Chinese media showing that,but I don’t see no difference in Black people and everybody else doing it.Fighting shouldn’t have to be a Black thing. It’s EVERYBODY’S thing!

    Probably a couple of months back, I commented about a young Japanese woman who attended Spelman College. One of the reasons that she came there was to learn about the real Black community. She thought that there was so much more to Black people than what she seen on Japanese media. At the end, she said she came out a renewed woman having a deeper understanding and respect for Black people. The closest exposure that some of them may have had to Black people is media. The sad thing about it is that some people would rather see lies than the truth. For Asians who may have had very limited/no exposure to Black people,I hope that they will take a cue from this young lady and understand us so they can learn what were really about.

  4. First of all I stopped the video after 42 seconds, because it turned my insides. I too feel much anger and a profound sadness that these are the types of images that will go worldwide in seconds, but never a thought given as to what we are truly like. I agree with ATLSis, Asians and anyone else not of the African-American community should dare to get to know us not just by these horrid images/actions, but by daily interaction and communication with us. This is the only way this type of ignorance can be stamped out in the minds of those who are not of our community. I am absolutely horrified! I hope there are more young people like the young Japanese
    girl ATLSis talks about, who are willingly to delve a little deeper and not give in to just believing everything you see on the surface. There is so much more to learn about us as a people.

  5. agreed, it is sad that many people will base their assumptions about an entire group based on stupid media like this…asians have notorious gangs and general n’er-do-wells in their culture too, just like all other cultures…i would venture to guess that most people do not believe they are all like that, just like most people don’t think that every italian guy is a mobster or every white person is a klansman or skinhead…why lump us all in one tiny category and throw the book at us? some people will never want to see otherwise…but hopefully many others will come to understand that this ignorant behavior represents just a segment of black america, not all of us.

  6. Sometimes I feel that the “media controlling people” is an excuse. I’m well aware that the media plays its role in how people see other communities, but only to an extent. With the internet people can do their OWN research. Really, on youtube alone, you’re exposed to THOUSANDS of different kinds of black people you mean to tell me you’re gonna think THAT VIDEO represents most bw? In that case, the viewer is a hypocrit in denial. When I started getting interested in the korean culture, even BEFORE getting exposed to koreans, I did my research, read things, saw videos and came to the simple conclusion that ppl were ppl. I didn’t even NEED to be surrounded by them to realize that. Now I have a lot of asian friends and it really just confirmed my observations that we’re all individuals. I can understand very young people being gullible, or old folks not really used to technology, but 25 to 50 years olds reasoning like that? In a time when you can watch Oprah from your home in almost EVERY country in the world? In a time when you see Michelle Obama every week on your TV screen? That’s hypocrisy.

  7. Note : those that I call hypocrits are the INDIVIDUALS in denial, not asians in general, just the ones who refuse to see the truth for what it really is.

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