My Favorite Mblaq Member

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Mblaq: (from left to right) Thunder, Mir, Seung Ho, G.O., Joon

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18 thoughts on “My Favorite Mblaq Member

  1. Yep. I know what you mean. Just looking at these guys just make you say OMG!

    Let’s see here…they all look good,but just like the glasses( I just love who wear some fashionable glasses),I also love men with some facial hair, especially shadow beards. Although they all are cute guys, I like—as you may have guessed– the one they call “G.O.” I’m with you also on the height. I prefer men that are taller than me, at least between 5’10-6’4. I’m at least 5’5″. I literally want to look up to them.

  2. G.O. is my fave in terms of looks…i love dark colored hair and facial hair…plus his videos on youtube are hilarious…he’s got a great sense of humor with a deadpan facial expression, lol…and his vocals are awesome…he’s a great singer! rain foresaw that he’d be the most popular with older women, and he was right lol…however G.O. might not have liked that so much because he’s totally changed his look…lighter hair and no mustache, *sigh*…

    best all around? Joonie! Gawd, i just want to take him home and love on him and pet him in a totally platonic way lol…at first glance he’s cute and kind of quirky…but he has a sensitive soul and he wears his heart on his sleeve…whatever he’s feeling shows up on his face…people flock around him like moths to a flame…i have to admit that he’s drawn me in…

    does that answer the question, lol?

  3. Hostess with the most-est,
    I wanted to add this directly, I hope you don’t mind.

    It is difficult to choose a favorite, but I have to go with Joon.
    Forgive me, but his “heart is special;” something about him is special.
    He is an odd one, a very attractive odd one, a very talented odd one;
    who am I kidding — he’s a hot mess and I love it;
    and at times he just breaks my heart.
    Much like Rain, he is a man of many expressions,
    and it seems an equally complex personality.
    He seems the most sensitive of them all,
    and they’ve even said so themselves.
    However, everyone seemed surprised
    when, of all people,
    Mir busted out in tears after winning on
    one of the countdown shows, and Joon, surprise,
    was all smiles.

    Not taking anything away from Rain in any way shape or form,
    I thought Joon’s performance in Ninja Assassin
    was exceptional and deserved much greater recognition.
    Most especially, the scenes with him and Kiriko
    were some of the most tender scenes
    I have ever seen in television or film.

    I can’t quite figure him out, and like Thunder,
    it will be very interesting to see what he’s like in another five years.
    Like you (hostess), I do not know these people,
    I have never met them, and probably never will,
    but I absolutely love these guys!

    I love all of them individually,
    they’re five very different people
    that come together so well, personally and professionally.
    You can tell they really care about each other and look out for each other,
    and that is a beautiful thing.

  4. By the way, awesome pictures!
    Okay, I’m going to bed now…
    because I’m tired and I have to go to work tomorrow,
    get your minds out of the gutter!

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  6. I just wanted to say how much I absolutely adore MBLAQ.
    I think they are perhaps the most underrated group in Korean pop music.
    They are in many ways unique in personality and group dynamic,
    sound, and expression.
    They have not been together as long as other ‘idol’ groups,
    and I can really appreciate how each performance improves upon the last.
    I love these guys!

    Mir is greatly missed, but Thunder really stepped up to the plate
    with his young, fine, ever maturing self.

    What’s not to like?

  7. Uhmmm, it was not my intention to post the actual video,
    but by all means please enjoy! This is yesterday’s or last night’s performance.

  8. apparently we share the same taste. i liked mir and g.o. the most when they just started but i really looove seungho.

  9. I haven’t looked into MBLAQ much, but I already know that Joon is my favorite!!! He is so cute and has the cutest smile ever!!! And plus he has some mad dance skills from what I’ve seen. Those are always my two “draw-ins”: cute smile and awesome dance moves. So Joon wins 🙂

  10. I came across Mblaq, after watching one of Rain’s dramas. The first song I heard from them was ‘Cry’ and I instantly fell in love with all of them ^_^

    I love all of them, individually, in different ways… but if I had to choose one, it would have to be Joon because he is such a cute and very talented guy. I also find his sensitivity being quite appealing.

  11. Joon All the way! 🙂 Though I do like Thunder and Mir as well. Reasoning for Joon: Joon has a personality that he shows on camera that is like no other. His smile makes the whole room smile with him. He is talented when it comes to dancing/singing and being cute heh. I adore Joon because he knows he is good and you can see it in his expressions. Joon has confidence, and you know he think he is good but he doesnt act self centered like other celebrities. whenever I see him I get this feeling in my heart like he is true to his word and that he someone i can trust. I see him and I say in my head “what a great person”, Almost as if he was a prince but doesnt tell anyone because people will treat him differently, but everyone knows he is a great person. Even when he talks about Rain(there is a video where they ask question about Rain and joon has to answer them URL: in a video I watched he seems really timid to say things about rain because he doesnt want to hurt his feelings or reveal something that rain didnt want the public to know for privacy reasons. Rain even denies some things Joon says but I honestly love this video because joon is almost like a little brother to rain its to cute. I dont like rain as much as joon though fyi :). Joon is sexy and he loves working out. He is in great shape which is great for his health and it adds to the music videos :P..I am not sure about his eating habbits X). As for Thunder, he is very cute and well manered with his low voice and almost shy personality. Mir is way cute with his young personality and I love when he screams in this video(It made me smile and laugh so hard) URL: and also this one is funny/awesome as well Url:

    • @Dark: hello and welcome! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 I know about that first video because I subbed and posted it ^^ It is adorable indeed! We hope to hear more from you!

  12. Of coarse, I couldnt just leave this Mblaq question unanswered 🙂 and also I didnt even know it was you who put up the video haha what a small world..not really but yeah. just so you know I found this place by searching for thunder pictures on google and i clicked on it because he looked so cute. and then I saw My Favorite Mblaq Member and I couldnt resist answering. so if anyone should say thank you it should be me thanking you for the opportunity to even answer.

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