Bi’s Tweets

Bi posted a series of tweets today and I asked my friend Jun Hee to translate them and he was kind enough to*. I thought I’d share them with you. Thanks Jun Hee! 🙂

29rain Ji hoon jung
나름 이거한지 1년이되어가는데 아무것도할줄모른다… ㅠ
1 hour ago

29rain Ji hoon jung
이제 30이라 29rain. 에서 30rain 바꾸려하는데 어떻게하지는 모르겠어여 ㅠ
2 hours ago

29rain Ji hoon jung
여러분 오늘 우리블랙이들 stay 어떠셨어여??심한 모니터부탁드립니다 …
2 hours ago

The gist of the tweets is firstly, Bi asking everyone what they think of Mblaq’s song “Stay” and to give their harshest criticism. He then expresses that he doesn’t quite know how to handle his transition into his 30s. As usual, he is an open book and always speaks his mind. Gotta love him for that…

*I’ve also been told that Bi’s tweet was him just simply wanting to change his username from 29rain to 30rain. But…I prefer the more existential interpretation 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Bi’s Tweets

  1. Thanks for the translation! I would love to follow his twitter, but I figure why bother when I don’t speak Korean, so I for one appreciate the translations tremendously!

    • I think I scared my friend away, lol. He’s older, and lives here in the States, and knows nothing about Bi except who he is…I’m gonna have to find someone else to translate for me!

  2. Thankfully, you friend translated therm for you. I’ve never learned Korean, but I I only know a microscopic bit of Japanese. Tried a little Chinese and it’s seem harder to learn than the little Japanese I ingested.

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