Ok I Have To Admit: This Puts It In Perspective

When I saw this, althought it was hilarious, it just made sense. From this perspective, the use of such an ugly word among African Americans to talk to and describe each other just looks plain ridiculous. The sad part is that it is so engrained in our culture that it would take much more than a hard, discriminating look in the mirror to get rid of it once and for all. Any ideas?

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4 thoughts on “Ok I Have To Admit: This Puts It In Perspective

  1. It’s ignorance plain and simple. I just had to put someone in their place a few weeks ago. He came into my house like he had no home training (doesn’t) and started in with N**** this and that. Nope, not having it. Until those people that have speaking platforms (entertainers) change, most aren’t going to get it. I do my best to educate in my own special way 😛

  2. I second that motion!

    I admit, I did get a few laughs from that clip,but it should also be seen as lessons for some members of the African American community.I’ve always been amazed of how some of us just use the “n” word and/or degrade ourselves with stereotypes. I’ve gotten on buses with Whites and other races of people . It’s just downright incredible to see how they talk it around them, elderly people and little kids. Everytime I see them do it, it just make me want to cringe in utter disgust and embarrassment.Some of these same Black people who use these gestures among themselves will also be the same ones who will accuse these same guys in the clip as beings racist.

    I went to a local Wal-Mart to do some shopping. As I passed by the shoe section of the store,a Black female customer was getting huffy with a Latina customer who she accused of being racially inappropriate for asking for Black shoes in Spanish. In this case, I didn’t agree with the Black customer. The woman wasn’t very fluent in English. She was just trying to describe the color of the shoes.(BTW, the cashier was also an African American woman , understood what she was saying and got the shoes for her)

    I just don’t see how some of them could use such ugliness on themselves without thinking about the consequences of them. I agree with your November posting. Even though African Americans should have not to prove who they are, it is understandable why other races of people misinterpret us. How can the truth be told to the world when some of them are downgrading the true meaning of being an honorable African American? I certainly would not want to give what I can’t take.

  3. Yes I must admit I chuckled a bit myself too. To have a “mirror” held up to the faces of your people seen through the eyes of others from another culture, as funny as it was, shows the sheer stupidity of using the “n” word on ANY level. I also agree that it is so ingrained in the black community, but unfortunately Hip-Hop music has help to spread this word and it’s casual use among other cultures as well.

    My husband and I were leaving out of the movie theatre one night and from behind us we hear….”you betta watch yo self N____a!” I looked at my husband and he looked at me, because for a moment we thought the statement was directed at us, although there should have been no reason why. We both turned around to look back and got the shock of our lives. We saw two little Hispanic boys who apparently had no problem referring to themselves this way. They were actually laughing/playing and having an obvious good time one with the other and freely used the word. Needless to say, we were FLOORED.

  4. Just unbelievable! then again, it has become so permeated in the African-American community that other Whites and other non Blacks see it as an acceptable form in greeting each other. It’s a crying shame some Blacks would degrade themselves like that.

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