Lee Joon Reveres Bi

I know that the guys of MBLAQ look up to Bi, but Lee Joon’s comment about Bi below proves just how much:

“I think ‘is there another another person in the world as perfect as Rain?’ whenever I see him. If guys even think that he’s cool, I wonder how women would view him. He is such a valuable person that it would be a loss if he dated anyone.”

According to allkpop.com, this comment was made in the middle part of 2010 when MBLAQ was asked to give their opinion on Bi’s “scandal” with actress Jeon Jihyun. The other guys of MBLAQ stated that they were jealous that Bi could have been involved with such a beautiful, popular woman, but Joon’s comment went much deeper. In effect, what he was saying was that Bi was too valuable to belong to any one person. How interesting! Joon’s lived with Bi (in Germany when they were filming “Ninja Assassin”) and has worked with him for several years. I’m sure he’s seen Bi’s bad side as well as good, and for him to make such a reverent comment made such an impression on me.

On an episode of “Happy Together”, Joon said that he regarded Bi as “the universe”. Interesting choice of words, I agree, but I felt he was being truly sincere.

Check out the official music video to MBLAQ’s newest song “Cry” here.

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5 thoughts on “Lee Joon Reveres Bi

  1. I truly don’t understand this “scandal” concept that they have there. I mean i know sex is a No No unless you’re married, but even going out to dinner or drinks is frowned upon?
    Also, don’t you think that celeberties there are treated selfishly by there fans?

    • Yes, first of all I think the word scandal is grossly misused, and secondly it is true that idols seem to have a morbid fear of not disappointing their fans. I can understand any public figure not wanting to hurt the fans, but it seems almost extreme in Asia. I really think Bi was dating Jihyun, but the fans are too selfish to see him happy. But don’t you think its funny that Joon even feels the way he does about Bi? He’s a guy, and he has a rather selfish view of Bi dating.

  2. Bi will have to make a decision. He will have to get to a point where he will just get married and piss off some people and not care about it, ultimately. He will either have to get to that place “in his head” where it’s ok and not worry about it anymore or live alone for the rest of your life. He’s a healthly red-blooded male, so I am sure he gets sex on the regular and I can only imagine how he even pulls That off. People watch him 24/7. However, marriage is something different over there, you hold hands in public over there you are practically engaged. It’s bizarre to me. As far as Lee Joon, I agree with your point of view. He feels Rain is an extraordinary human being and his “life force” is too much to be contained and should be shared with the world I do get it, but at the end of the day he is still a human being like all of us and whoever he eventually settles down with, will get it and know that she will have to share him with the world.

    • “he’s still a human being like all of us…”
      Is he…
      If he is “the universe,”
      he must be more than human.
      Many think him almost god-like
      (in the mythical sense of course so as not to offend).
      How dare they force such a god into military service.
      Oh well, at least he is an honorable god,
      and an oh so fine one at that!

      • @whatthefrell: I hear ya, but one thing I can’t see Bi as is a “god”. He’s a human just like all of us. Has to sneeze, crap, sweat, bathe, wash his body, feel emotions (love and pain), etc just like the rest of us! I think that’s why people love him so much. He’s VERY human, and he has no problem admitting. It is the very thing that really turned me on to him–his honesty on life’s hardships and struggles. And I would think that the last thing he would want to be viewed as is a “god”. But I understand how you feel, because he seems just too good to be true sometimes. I try to keep in mind that because he’s human, he’s pissed off, disappointed, appalled, hurt, etc SOMEONE, but we won’t ever see that side of him. Although I really feel that he’s an amazing person to begin with, his public image is very well-crafted, but behind closed doors he is not without vices and imperfection.

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