K-Pop Idols Fight Back

DBSK has had enough

They are sick and tired of being exploited and mistreated. Three members of DBSK have told their former management company where they can stick their slave contracts. According to the Korea Times, Xiah, Mickey and Hero of DBSK have sued SM Management, claiming that the 10-year contracts were unfair and dictated nearly every aspect of their lives.

What exactly is a slave contract? The Korea Times describes them as “excessively binding”. “Boys Over Flowers” actress, Jang Je-Yeon (seen above), who took her own life last year, apparently found out the hard way. In a 7 page suicide letter, she wrote of the horrors she was required to endure under contract, namely acting as a sexual escort for a string of media and music executives. Taiwanese singer Estrella Lin (who was set to debut in South Korea) corroborated this by stating that she was also asked to provide sexual services for several bigwigs in the business. She also claimed that the majority of South Korean actors, actresses and singers are forced to “barter their bodies” in exchange for fame and fortune.

There is nothing good about what is happening, but this generation of k-pop idols are really standing up for themselves, and hopefully, this will help to lessen the corruption in the South Korean entertainment industry. I understand this is very common, so of course it will take time. Baby steps, I say. This reminds me of the legal battle that Bi won when he sued the group that managed him and five other boys in “Fanclub” for inhumane mistreatment.

Mind you, this is not in any way, shape or form isolated to the South Korean entertainment industry. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Prostitution and human exploitation have been around since the beginning of the human history. And sure, these South Korean execs may be gangsters and pimps, but Hollywood houses some of the biggest gangsters and pimps in the world. Just sayin’…

2 thoughts on “K-Pop Idols Fight Back

  1. Your blog post caught my attention and as a blogger, I want to applaud you for bringing up the matter of the sinister side of the entertainment industry which not many people know of: slave contracts and the abuse and exploitation of female starlets as sexual escorts. Keep it up and great post!

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