Anyone Interested in a Possessive Boyfriend Like MBLAQ’s Joon?

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17 thoughts on “Anyone Interested in a Possessive Boyfriend Like MBLAQ’s Joon?

  1. I am really confused on how relationships work over there. I don’t believe the way he thinks is cool. Just like you said, he needs to grow up a bit.

    • I definitely feel that things are done differently in Asia when it comes to the formality in relationships, but I think Joon’s in a class of his own, lol. 100 times?? lol. Bi did admit that he stayed in front of a woman’s (who he loved) house all night waiting for her to come out. Now, if we were done and there was no chance for reconciliation, I’d call the cops and have them remove him; but if he was humbling himself and waiting out there because we were fighting and he was in the wrong, there’s no way I couldn’t take him back 🙂

  2. You asked:
    “Would you stay with a possessive boyfriend if he was Joon from
    He should have called himself Loon because he talks as if he isn’t dealing with a full deck. When it comes to danger, I will not discriminate in staying away from him or anybody else with that kind of bogus thinking. It’s very dangerous for anybody,whether you’re a man or woman to be around people like that. Joon is famous( forgive me again gor not being familiar with him) and there are some women who would stand by a guy like him( Thinking about that Tammy Wynette classic)no matter how crazy he seems. In Joon’s case, there will be some woman who would want to do it in the name of cash.

    There is a difference between culture and personality. I’ve been around lots of Asians since my childhood. I have met women, who seemed, subservient to their husbands while others just being who they want to be. Overall, they were true to themselves,but one thing that I’ve learned from them, and some other women from other countries, is that some guys misinterpret their personalities as being parts of their culture.

    My neighbor is an African woman from Liberia. According to her ex husband and even a few of her “friends”it was it was NORMAL for man to whack a woman if she got out of line.They made it seem that abuse was part of her culture. I will give the woman credit, she didn’t believe a lick of what they said. Eventually, she fled her home country with her children and came to the states. I don’t believe that abuse is an African, Asian or American “norm”, it’s an individual problem.
    Being a good woman doesn’t mean taking abuse and/or “absuive submission”(eg guys who treating you like a dog and/or five year year old girl). Joon wants a woman who will jump when he say to do it.

  3. rats! i was just looking at mblaq’s video yesterday and thought he was cute… i REFUSE to stay in ANY relationship that is obsessive or abusive…it’s not cute or romantic…those relationships too often end in the hospital or graveyard…

  4. on second thought, after watching a few other joon vids, maybe he’s being self depreciating…maybe he feels he’s not blessed with brains, and a smart girl wouldn’t stay with him and put up with his quirks…

  5. I ran across this blog by pure accident and I just had to comment on this topic. Joon is still young, so of course he’s going to say immature things like that. Besides, he’s always bombarded by screaming Korean girls all the time (no offense) that want to do anything for him and what not. So I can see why he would said that statement. But….if he can to America and came into contact with REAL girls, he’ll change his tune real quick. If I was with a guy like him, let’s just say he better pray. Because I’ll let him know what the deal really is. Word is that he wants a girl to control him, so that might work out for me. Hahaha. Being older does come in handy. 😉

      • Hahahaha. Thank you. It is a bit awkward though since he’s young and all. I’m only two years older than him. He’s comes off very cocky and blunt. Maybe that’s just my opinion. But hey, he is cute. Not as fine as Rain but he’s still good to look at. I think he would be scared of a strong woman especially a young woman of color such as myself. But I have to be realistic due to the Korean mindset on interracial dating and what have you. But I can still dream though. He’s a done deal if he ever comes to America. Just kidding. 😉

  6. Saw this episode, while I think Lee Joon is adorable and love his…clueless-ness, but i have to agree I think he needs to grow up a bit. Most men don’t really know what they want until they grow up a bit. Just look at what Rain wanted when he was his age, skinny/buff chick, with a great sense of style, kindhearted, but looked like super model. Rain stated years later I believe when he was 27 that he wanted a woman with a chubby waistline, slightly controlling, a lady in public and a vixen behind closed doors, Classy/simple dress. I mean that’s completely different from what he was saying when 5 years prior.
    So I bet Lee Joon will be saying the exact opposite once he matures and realizes a “stupid girl” would get tiring very quickly.

  7. Please don’t misunderstanding him..maybe Joon so obsesses because he love that women so much and maybe he just kidding about that..don’t take it so we can see now Joon so busy and don’t have a time to has a girlfriend.. he so focuses on his profession..such as hardworking boy:)))..sorry for typing error..

  8. i do think dat Joon nids 2 think a little bit further into wat he is sayng. bt i dnt think dat i wud be able 2 say NO even if he was possessive……….. Jst totally into him………………………….!

  9. After watching severeal English subbed interviews with Korean men, where they state that they want a “stupid” girl, I decided on my own that what they are actually saying does not translate all that well. It’s very frustrating not speaking the language and relying on someone else to interprep things for you, because you are influenced by the translation and can not totally form an opinion for yourself.

    I was shocked all three times I read this. The men it was coming from did not give me the impression of being mean spirited, judgemental, misogynistic or even ignorant themselves(and some of them do come off that way. as cute as he is, leeteuk continues to very reliably piss me off and he’s old enough to be able to control his mouth, if not his mind). I believe one of the others was Kyujong from SS and I can not place the other right now. In talking to several Koreans online and digging around in other interviews, my opinion is that they actually mean a girl who is innocent or not worldly or experienced and needs some help in taking care of herself, because many Asian men and men in general see their role in a relationship as a provider, care-giver and shelterer. It’s hard to provide for and totally take care of a strong woman, who is completely capable of taking care of herself, you and anyone else who happens to be around. And she can most likely do it better than you.

    I think that ladibug’s impression is very close to the mark. I think that he often feels stupid or lacking and although he plays it up and laughs about it, no one wants to feel like the idiot or the butt of the joke all the time, even if it works to their advantage or it is entertaining. Feeling like you were the worldly, experienced one would be a huge self-esteem boost.

    Like everyone else said, I don’t think there is a lot of wisdom or maturity in his thinking, but I think that it is a natural feeling and he really does not seem to have a filter when it comes to speaking his mind and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. At least you would always knew where you stood with him. He doesn’t seem to do guile or sneaky.

    As he gets older he will see that it’s better to find someone who balances you out and someone and who you compliment, in turn. The whole point of a realationship is to be stronger together than you are apart.

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