Yosuke-senpai Surfaces in Ollie Magazine

Yosuke Kubozuka graces the cover the August 2010 issue of Ollie Magazine

Finally, I found him (sorry about the tiny cover image, but I couldn’t find anything larger)! I have got to get a subscription to this magazine. If for only checking out the men featured in it’s pages as they be lookin’ fine! Anyway, I have been searching for Yosuke Kubozuka (my favorite Japanese actor) on the internet like crazy for the latest and greatest news on his whereabouts and projects, and finally I came across Ollie Magazine. Ollie Magazine is a Japanese men’s fashion and style journal that also tackles cultural and social topics of the day. It appears to me to be a “GQ in training” of sorts and I’m not mad at it. Reading the Japanese kana and kanji might be a problem, but really, I wouldn’t necessarily be purchasing it particularly for the articles.

Yosuke senpai has graced the cover more than a few times, and is a regular contributor to the magazine’s content. That’s enough for me to take an interest. He seems to be the type that shuns the media spotlight and chooses his art mediums very carefully. “Ollie” seems to be one of those mediums. He’s so weird/artsy/bionic and I adore him for it! He intrigues me. What can I say. By the way, does anyone know if he’s still married? Just wondering.

Shawty, what yo name is?

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