Let’s Talk About Sex, or…rather, the Lack of It

I love reading blogs from people who have actually lived in Asian countries for an extended period of time. It offers an invaluable insight into that country and its people. Granted, it is through the eyes of a foreigner, so some observations can be skewed or even exaggerated. On the other hand, there are factual observations as well. When I visited Asia, I was blown away by some of the things I saw, heard, witnessed. I have great friends there so if something puzzled or disturbed me, I would simply ask one of them, and they would give me as straight forward an answer as they could. Sometimes, that answer didn’t satisfy my curiosity, and if it didn’t, I dropped the issue and would not probe further, so as not to insult them or their culture. The last thing I wanted was to appear as an ignorant foreigner.

I was particularly interested when I stumbled across this article that was posted a few years ago. In it, the blogger (an American man teaching English in South Korea for a year), talks to his Korean female friend about sex and how it fits into South Korean society. I won’t quote any of the article, but you can read it in full here.

Now, this isn’t a huge surprise because I’ve had similar conversations with my Asian friends, but it seems this particular friend of the blogger has stressed to the him that under no uncertain terms the majority of Korean women do not have sex before marriage, and the majority of Korean men lose their virginity (to a prostitute) when they enter the army. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting. Now, please understand, I am not trying to paint this as weird, bizarre or abnormal. I think its actually quite wonderful. There are many unsavory things that can stem from sex before marriage, but because its so different from our culture, I find it incredibly fascinating. What do you think?

I wonder if this passes over to our Hallyu boys? Did So Ji Sub really lose his virginity when he entered into the military years ago? Is, gulp, gasp….Bi a virgin who has yet to be broken? Just a thought. Also, how are Korean youth able to control their sexual impulses? Once again, in comparison to the American culture, this is just unheard of. Kids as young as 12 and 13 start having sex in school and don’t stop, whether married or not. A great percentage of American youth have sexual partners that number likely in the double digits.

For us women who love these Korean men from afar (as there is soooo much we don’t know about the culture), how does it make us feel? Does it make them more attractive? Does it help their sex appeal when trying to enter the American entertainment market? Personally, I think dating a man that doesn’t expect sex from me until marriage is HEAVEN. How much better to get to know the person as best you can before doing the horizontal polka? Can’t wait to hear from you guys on this one!

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex, or…rather, the Lack of It

  1. I think from a cultural standpoint, it’s quite wonderful…..refreshing actually. I will read the article in full, but your question if we think Bi is a virgin? In a word…..NO! I do feel like he probably waited longer than an American male would, precisely because of the cultural difference. However, Bi is an international star who has traveled all over the world and has seen “things” and his world’s eye view is much bigger than his very traditional countrymen. I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that Bi probably got his first “taste” when his music began to really pop (no pun intended). He has stated himself that after his first big hit song, women started coming on to him, asking him out and such. Many were other female celebrities asking him out to dinner. He said “I didn’t understand why they wanted to eat with me.” I bet he knows NOW….(SMILES). I think the celebrity males and females experience sex earlier than their non-celebrity peers, but later than Americans in general. (*Side note*) – I have read there are Korean motels on the outskirts of town. The pictures of these motels look like plain apartment buildings.

    Yes, for me it’s an endearing quality not strange at all. Even though I’m an American, I didn’t give up my virginity until I was well past the age of 20 and the total number sexual partners I have had in my ENTIRE life I can count on one hand and three fingers. I would be considered a “space alien” by the American standards of today’s youth.

    • Bi a virgin….banish the thought, right?? Man, if he were that would mess up so many of my fantasies, lol. It is funny how innocent and child-like he can act sometimes, though. Did you see the latest “Happy Together” show he shot with Lee Joon, Hyori and Goo Hara? Goo Hara, an early 20-something year old entertainment new comer decided she would dance in front of Bi, and he acted like he’d never seen a woman before. I was just sooooooo hoping that was all just an act. Yeah, I’m gonna accept that it was an act he put on to calm his most die-hard fans (and their mother’s) fears.

      • No I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll go look at it. I mean just listening to Bi’s song “Slowly” will send a woman into overdrive. This song was not written or performed by a virgin! Not in the slightest!!……..(SMILES)

        I’m with you BOAB81, I have too many fantasies that would require Experience!!………(SMILES)

  2. I read Michael’s blog and then the comments that people wrote and I was more impressed with that they had to say, not because I didn’t like Michael’s story, just that I think maybe he was being too easy to believe that Korean men and women aren’t having sex. LOL! As for Rain still being a virgin! HAHAHAHAHAHA…I’m LAMO! No, and not because I’m wishing he’s not, he’s travelled outside of the Korea, been around a lot of pretty young women, and I’d put 100 WON on it that Rain probably did partake in some of the “offerings”. Cause I’m sure he was “offered”. *wink, wink*

    • Oh you can bet your bottom dollar! Concerning Korean men and women not having sex, it is appropriate to note that South Korea has one of the lowest birth rates (if not the lowest) in the world. Apparently, the government has tried to implement programs that offer cash incentives to encourage couples to have babies. It’s even so serious that they’re condoning interracial/cultural marriages and unions, i.e. the people of South Korea (a homogeneous society) to even reproduce with foreigners–just to get the birth rate up and running again…just a thought!

      • Wow BOAB81, I have heard about cash incentives somewhere before, but I didn’t know it was happening in South Korea. I would be interested to know where you saw the part about them encouraging interracial/cultural marriages and unions to increase birth rates. This seems like a fascinating read to me.

  3. lol

    i doubt HEAVILY DOUBT bi’s a virgin
    not because of the articles or w/e but simple because he’s been in love 4 times so far. That’s what he’s said…he’s had 4 girlfriends so far that have all been kept out of the public eye. So I’m like…more than certain he’s had sex with one of those 4 lol.

    • i know right?? yeah i had to thow it out there to see what everybody thought and the majority is probably right! I feel like on stage he’s got such an amazing sensual presence and it’d be hard to reckon he hasn’t done the horizontal polka in real life. But he’s also expert at looking cutesy and shy, and he’s really good at hiding the females…but I’m sure behind closed doors he’s an animal lol…

  4. hi i know 4 a fact bi is no virgin!!! i know he a lee hyori bannged each other out!! he acts innocent but u know he is a freak int the sheets,hello his mentor was jyp,and he loves going to nyc and paying girls to have sex with him so u think he hasn’t done anything.. i love rain so much,he even admitted in an interview on the d.l that he did it with hyori,i have a lot of friends in korea and they say she is a gold digger even in happy together all she kept yapping was money etc. i will meet rain when he gets out from military,check out a concert he is def gorgeous,and the dancing grabbing himself,gyrating etc,u know hes freaky,lol!!

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