Bi: In His Own Words

This is such a treat. I love when he expresses himself. See the below excerpts from an essay that Bi wrote years ago shortly after his debut.

  • On childhood:
    “There is one incident I remember faintly. It’s my leaving home when I was 4. My parents came home from work together but they couldn’t find me. So they called the police for adjunction of disappearance and looked for me here and there almost in insanity, but still couldn’t find me. A day went by and my parents got a phone call. They said they found me in Ganghwa-do. There was a bus terminal in front of our place, and I think I might have taken the bus from there. They saw the contact number on my wrist band in Ganghwa-do and called my family. Although I can’t remember clearly, I have a faint memory of a lady who helped me get on the bus.”
  • On being an introvert:
    “Even when I was young, I had been introversive and taciturn like now. It still takes me a long time to get close to people. But once I become close, I talk so much that I am surprised that I can speak so well. I didn’t have much talent in studying when I was in elementary school and let the day go by without saying a word. So it was natural that I didn’t have a girlfriend who liked me. I was an unnoticeable student in class.”
  • On his relationship with his father:
    My father didn’t even treat me like his own son. He told me to leave home and didn’t even look at me. If my father had beaten me or gotten extreme with me, I could have become perversed, but I gave myself a lot of thoughts seeing my father like that. As I came to talk to nobody in the family, I fell into a depression and there were time when I even felt the urge to kill myself.”
  • On girls:
    “As people came to know about my dancing, I came to enter various talent shows as the representing competitor and I grabbed the attention of girls as well. Every morning when I go to school and open the locker, there were presents from unknown people. The presents were mostly milk, cakes, flowers and letters. I regret that I didn’t try to find out who they were but I was too busy dancing that I didn’t have the time to think about girls.”
  • On meeting JinYeong Park:
    “One day, I followed a friend who was working as a road manager to a shabby office. Then, oh my, Park Jinyeong walked into the office. That room was the office of Jinyeong’s JYP entertainment. Jinyeong saw me, and asked “Can I possibly ask what you do?” I answered, “I dance” and he asked me to send a video tape so he can audition me. ‘Wow, will Park Jinyeong, the producer who trained god and Park Jiyun train me to be a singer?’ I was so happy at the moment and I sent the tape for audition to him as soon as I came back.”
  • On his promise to his mother:
    “Although so many people helped, my mother fell into a coma, and passed away just like that. My mother said her last words as she passed away. She told me to look after my sister well, and I promised her to do so. Also, in my heart, I told myself over and over to do my best and become the best. My heart still aches when I think of my mother. I could have shown her how well I am doing if only she could wait a little more… When my heart breaks I recall how I neglected my family while I could have been really good. I practiced even harder after my mother passed away.”
  • On being a loner:
    “I got so tired practicing alone. So I practiced like a crazy on the way to the studio and back home. I sang to the music loudly, composed dances that will fit the song, and danced in the subway and buses openly. To others, I was an ‘insane’ guy. Although I felt uneasy that I might not become a singer after Jinyeong left for the US to become a producer, but I fought against loneliness and practiced hard alone.”
  • On releasing his first album:
    “While I was back dancing for (Park) Jinyeong, I think I sang the song alone, a number that is in my album, almost a hundred times. In the van where others were sleeping and resting, I sang the song endlessly to the waving of Jinyeong’s hand. I kept on practicing like that and waited for August when my album would be released. Then, as August came, the situation changed again. It was time to release(Park) Jiyun’s album, who’s in the same management company. My album was postponed to November again. My anxiety grew in those series of events. After working on Jiyun’s album, Jinyeong left for the US again. I held onto practicing singing in uneasiness as I had nothing else to hang onto. I wondered if I’ll ever release my own album after all these hard working for 2 years and that I was growing old for a dance singer. Upon his return to Korea around February this year, Jinyeong said “let release your album this time for real” and recording was over in 1 month. The recording didn’t take long because all songs had been out already. At last, the debut stage of was on April 28. I wanted to show everything I had practiced so far – the song and the dance – but it didn’t go as well as I had thought. Although I didn’t make any particular mistake, I was tense and couldn’t move my body freely. But I told myself ‘it will be the end if I don’t do it right this time’ and faced my fans contiuously, and I gradually gained self-confidence.”
  • Taken from, and translated by Raina

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2 thoughts on “Bi: In His Own Words

  1. it’s great to know that you are doing your best Bi. i hope you will always win. Dont forget The Lord. Miss your show when you were in Malaysia but will make a point to see you when you come again. so all the best to you. have a blessed new year in camp and kamsamidah for trying your best in your show. sarang midah belle.

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