Bi Confirms 2011 Army Enlistment

Sorry I’m a little late posting this, but apparently, Bi has officially confirmed his army enlistment to commence in the second half of 2011.

This just breaks my heart. 2 years without Rain….talk about a drought! Can we all even imagine what it will be like to not see or hear from him for 2 years? How do you think the fans will react when he shaves his head and takes a last bow before disappearing into the base? Do you think he will still have a career when he comes back? I think he will. So Ji Sub, Gong Yoo, and many other Hallyu stars have stellar careers even after they went off to serve their country for two years at the height of their popularity.

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4 thoughts on “Bi Confirms 2011 Army Enlistment

  1. no one gonna forget him its so obvious but probably there will be decrease points in his career because of new comers but I think he is wrong he has a lot of months until army he has to pepare new album and shoot a video clips for all his new songs and he has to give them to his own company and say release them between every 3-4 months after I resign to army! so no one can easly forget him! please someone deliver my offer to him!:)))

    • Hi Scarla, thanks for your comment! 🙂 Yes, I can never forget him. I hope he does release material while he is serving his time. I wonder if he can update us on how he’s doing on his website? That would be so lovely!

  2. well, it gives me time to become fluent in hangul so that i can be his interpreter on the road when he visits the states again…long hours and boring press junkets…but hey, somebody’s gotta do it…might as well be me, *sigh*… 🙂

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