What It May Be Like To Date Bi, II

He’s said in interviews that he thought he would end up marrying every girl he’s formally dated (the number of which I believe can be counted only on both of his hands). Although it didn’t turn out that way, I think it’s incredibly noble and old-fashioned of Bi to have such intentions. Then again, it may have a lot to do with Korean culture.

It’s easy to see through Bi’s art that he’s a deep-feeling person. His worldly knowledge and outlook on life seems to surpass his 28 years remarkably.

Like a lot of guys, Bi probably runs hot and cold

He’s probably the kind of boyfriend that loves to give his woman flowers, chocolates and sweet gifts. He also is known for writing songs for the woman he’s in love with (even if he admits it after they’ve broken up). Point is, when he’s romantic, he’s romantic. He has the potential to make a woman melt just from looking at her, and for reasons such as no longer having a mother who’s alive, he seeks physical affection in wanting to be held, have his hair stroked and told that (despite knowing he’s arguably the most desired man in Asia) he’s the first and only man in his woman’s life. No doubt he reciprocates and bestows praise upon her.

However, I believe that Bi has a side to him that is very self-sufficient. I’m not saying that I think he’s an “island”, but he’s been a loner/on his own for most of his adult life. He’s used to his own company, and like most men, he probably will withdraw, especially if there’s a lot going on in his career. He’s used to burying himself in his work when his personal life isn’t going so well. He even said once that he likes to “torture” himself. I think any workaholic can sympathize, but its got to be tough for the woman who’s in love with him to deal with his emotional disengagement.

On the other hand, I find it ironic that he sometimes complains of being lonely, and how he’s fervently searching for a girlfriend. On a recent tv appearance, a co-worker/friend of his stated quite bluntly that he would never set his sister (if he had one) up with Bi, because he knows Bi’s a workaholic and not really ready for a committed relationship. I thought that was extremely telling.

But there is hope for our boy! He’s promised that once he hits 30 he will slow down his activities and begin actively looking for wifey. I truly wish him the best with that. All work and no play could make Bi a dull boy. We all want you to be happy, Bi! 🙂

At any rate, I really don’t know what I’m talking about. All speculation, my dear folks. If any of you ever get the privilege to date this guy, let me know how close I am 😉

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