Bi To Be in Michael Jackson Tribute Album

It’s the latest rumor circulating about our boy, and if this is true, I am so proud of him! Other artists that are said to be contributing to the album:

Beyonce (the former member of Destiny’s Child)

Queen Latifah (singer & actress)

Quincy Jones (music producer)

Aaron Cuker ? (musician & actor)

Mario Peebles (actor)

Rosa Maria Perez (actress)

La Toya Jackson (Michael’s sister)

Jermaine Jackson (Michael’s brother)

Joseph Jackson (Michael’s father)

Paris-Michael Jackson (Michael’s daughter)

Lisa Marie Presley (Michael’s first wife)

This is no doubt a major honor for Bi since he’s such a big MJ fan. Check out Bi’s dance rendition of Billie Jean in the below vid clip:

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