I’m Gonna Miss Those Cute Asian Guys In My Office

For the past year, I’ve become disillusioned with my job. When I first started, I saw such potential, and it is more than possible that I stepped into it with rose-colored glasses. However, I now see it for what it is, and I have decided to move on.

The whole reason that I’d developed an attraction for Asian men is because of this job, because it is an Asian-owned company. There are Asian men everywhere, and I’d developed friendships and good working relationships with many of them over the years. They opened me to a whole new culture, language and world, and for that, I truly feel indebited.

The first day I started working (more than 5 years ago) here, I was walking down the hallway to my cubicle. A middle-aged Asian gentleman walked past me and didn’t say a word, but for some reason, I was so fascinated. Quite silly I know, but I didn’t grow up around a lot of Asian people. My uncle had married a South Korean woman, and had two sons with her. I am not extremely close to my blasian cousins, but we do keep in touch. Anyway, my Korean aunt was really the only exposure I’d had to Asian people. Anyway, after a few weeks of working at my new job at the time, I had seen quite a few other Asian gentlemen, older and younger (around my age) and I decided that I wanted to know more about them. Just because they were so different. So I began forging friendships by learning their language, greeting them cheerfully in the morning, attending their welcome and going-away parties, teaching them English, being their tour guide and American go-to girl if there was something about American culture they just didn’t understand. So fast-forward 5+ years and I have many Asian friends that have moved back to their native country but that I keep in close touch with. I will never forget these people.

Today, before I left the office, I had an hour-long meeting with a rather new Asian gentleman who had just been dispatched from the parent company in Asia to help improve the business processes in my office. We had a very spirited conversation about what we could do to improve. He is currently one of my favorite people at work, because he is so passionate about what he does. You can see it in his facial expressions and gestures. Needless to say, he is so cute. Tall, slim and slightly dorky, but in that really sexy way. He’s quite a sight to see 🙂 Anyway, as I was thinking about leaving the company, I thought about the fact that I wouldn’t get to have these types of spirited, hour-long conversations with my cute Asian friends. It made me so sad. Just saying…Ok, I’m going to stop babbling now.

I'm gonna miss seeing cute guys like this in my office. P.S. - Please forgive the water mark. I was to cheap too purchase the photo O_0

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2 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Miss Those Cute Asian Guys In My Office

    • I admit,it’s rare that a great deal of us look forward to going to our jobs,but it’s great that you looked forward to going to yours. I imagine that that kind of motivation made your work harder. I will also agree with ladibug.They probably miss you as much as you miss them.


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