Yellow Fever! A Definitive History of Asian Men Dating Outside Their Race

I wish this book had more examples of real-life Asian man, non-Asian woman couples, but its start

This book had the potential for being interesting, however, it fell quite short. The concept of it is enough to make one curious, but what is found in its pages is none other than (the majority) portrayals of interracial dating between Asian men and non-Asian women in movies and tv. There are a few real-life couples mentioned, but they are in the minority. As a matter of fact, Se7en and Lil Kim are featured on the cover as a couple, when in reality, there is no romantic ties between them whatsoever. Especially for the fact that Se7en finally admitted last year to dating his high school sweetheart for the past 7 years. Still, I think the book is at least worth a look, if not more. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Fever! A Definitive History of Asian Men Dating Outside Their Race

  1. I wonder if Pepa and Tom are still dating? Hmmm…. I don’t know about those two. I hope that I’m wrong about them,but there is something about their coupling that just seem like it’s for the camera. I’ve never trusted reality show relationships. It seems that most of the couples on them don’t last. Even the married couples with their own programs end up leaving each other.I don’t know why it has been happening like that.

    Far as IR Asian men/ Black women and IR couples, I do not see anything wrong with two people wanting to connect out of the name of love. I think it’s the most beautiful thing. The first time I witnessed IR was with my former neighbors( Black man/White woman and 3 bey-bey kids.Forgive me,but they were pyromaniacs). ora few ” Blasian “kids and their Vietnamese moms at our local market and so on . A lot of my friends and a couple of my family members also interracially married, including a good friend of mine, A Vietnamese American,who married African American man.I’ve even been told that my dad may have a Blasian child in Vietnam.

    Far as myself, I’ve never dated an Asian man(,nor interracially for that matter ) and it has been a while since I’ve dated. Though I’ve dated Black men, I would never limit love to ones race. It’s about him being the best man and me being hit with my attraction for him. I’m attracted to men who respect their relationships/marriage, a good provider( paying bills)who will be there for me in the hard/great times, have a backbone, family oriented and loves me for me.

    Far as Asian guys, I was once attracted to a Korean guy at a Asian restaurant that my family and I ate at. A little clumsy(Which we thought was funny. We all clucked in laughter),but he was very cute.Then there was my friend’s brother—a taboo. We didn’t believe( and still don’t believe ) in dating each others siblings. Though I found( Still find) Asian and other races of men to be hot, I find South Indian and Japanese men to be quite interesting.

    Though the motto can get cheesy, but love is…or should be colorblind. I’m not in love with anybody at the moment,but I dream of it, if it’s meant to be. I dream of being married to him for the rest of my life. If it’s meant for me to be with an Asian man or other races of men, I will accept him. The best men may not be the person that society always expect for us to have,but God defineately knows whats best for us.

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