So Ji Sub’s Been Single Since He Left the Army?

So Ji Sub: Single, but not ready to mingle?

Really? Like, really?? I find that incredibly hard to believe, but that’s what his K-Hotness says. In a recent interview with KBS, he said, “Right after I was discharged, I broke up with my girlfriend and I have been alone since then. Now, acting is more important for me than seeing someone.” He added, “I am very much satisfied with my age which is in the mid-thirties because I think that this age is very helpful for acting.

This confession came after he was questioned repeatedly about his rumored romantic ties to Han Ji Min, his “Cain and Abel” costar. They had great chemistry on camera, no doubt, but according to Ji Sub, he didn’t “know from where that rumor came. I used to hang out with actress Han Jin Min as a friend, but since the rumor has spread, we do not contact each other anymore.”

So Ji Sub and Han Jin Min

That’s kinda sad! I mean, its cool if they were just friends, but it seems the media played an integral part in breaking up their friendship. So here’s how I figure something like that could happen: you’re hanging out with this guy/girl who’s just really mad cool, right? You don’t know each other too well, but you’ve worked together so you’re comfortable enough to hang out with them outside of work. You get along really well with each other and other people can see that. Of course, when people see great chemistry between two people, they start talking. It could be so that you and/or your friend have embryonic feelings for each other, but those feelings just have not really been dealt with. They’re new. They’re unchartered territory, but they are still…there. So while you’re trying to figure out whether or not you should pay those feelings any mind, people start assuming that you and your friend are involved. Now just imagine those people are the press/media. Every interview or public appearance you do, you are bombarded with the poking and prodding questions into your personal life and feelings on this new friend of yours whom you haven’t really figured out where they fit into your life yet. So the next time you see this person (who has been receiving the same poking/prodding), its a bit awkward. And you want to so badly disprove the nosy paps and press that you start to avoid each other—not because you dislike each other, but because its just so much easier to let go of this new, budding, unsure friendship than deal with ostracism from the media and fans. Whew. That was a mouthful. Anyway, you get what I’m saying?

Anyway, afterall, I guess I am inclined to believe that Ji Sub’s still single, and doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. A few dates here or there with this and that girl is a bit more easy to manage than a steady. Either way, a guy this hot definitely needs to be thinking about how he’s going to spread those lovely genes of his. Just sayin’… any takers? Teehee…

2 thoughts on “So Ji Sub’s Been Single Since He Left the Army?

  1. How the hell does any celebrity date in Korea. I mean the slighest of friendships is always construed as something else, only in Korea it can actually ruin your career. You can’t date out in the open…’s crazy!!

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