What It May Be Like To Date Bi, I

Bi would no doubt want to impress

I know all you girls out there are curious! I know you wanna know! Now, I don’t claim to be an expert. This is all speculative. And even though I can’t speak from firsthand experience, Bi’s left several clues in interviews as to what it may be like to be his girlfriend. Even though he is a human being, he is not just any guy! Now, don’t get me wrong: he is a guy, and for that reason you will no doubt have to put up with bad behavior from him, just like with any other guy. But how much of it would you put up with? And what do I mean by bad behavior? I’ll get into that later, but just realize that Bi is still single and very much the bachelor. Let’s not be naïve and think that he doesn’t date, but it is very possible that he just hasn’t found someone steady. Why is this? He’s hella busy, is most probably naturally a loner and just may have not yet found a female that he both likes and trusts enough to venture into a relationship with. Afterall, it is in his best interest to be discriminating of the people he lets into his life.

Ok, so what may it be like to date Bi? This first point is a bit superficial, but bear with me, as I’m saving the best stuff for last! Well, for one, Bi’s rich and is traditional, from what I gather. He would never allow a woman he’s dating to pay for meals, vacations or gifts. I just don’t think he would. Because he’s experienced poverty, there is probably a certain joy he gets out of paying the way. Before his debut, he was poor and desperate. That probably wasn’t the best time for him to date women, no matter how talented or attractive he was. Now, he’s rich and famous. Quite the 360, eh? Anyway, I’d be surprised if anyone in his family isn’t taken care of. He’s financed his sister’s college tuition and takes care of his father. Bi doesn’t have alot of free time, so he probably tries to make up for it by providing monetary or material gifts for the people closest to him. I’m sure its no different with the girl he’s in love with.

Some situations in which Bi would flex his monetary muscle would be on dates (nice restarants, concerts, rock climbing, hiking, etc), gifts (a beautiful promise ring or those hot brown leather boots you’ve been eyeing for a few weeks) and incidental costs (getting your car serviced, helping to pay your rent), etc. Now don’t get me wrong, my independent women! We are strong and we can take care of these things ourselves. BUT, Asian men, as well as all men, need to feel needed, and it boosts their confidence as men to be able to protect and provide for a woman. So let us allow for ourselves to step back and let these men feel that we need them. Because we really do! Ok, a bit off point…

So, Bi is no different. He needs to feel needed and that is to monetarily and materially provide for his woman. Can you just imagine?

2 thoughts on “What It May Be Like To Date Bi, I

  1. Hello,

    I another African-American woman who has become quite fascinated by Rain (Bi) since becoming aware of him earlier this year and I think he is the most Beautiful, sexy Asian male I have EVER come across. I too am fascinated by the person that he is despite his male beauty. He appeals to me on a lot of levels. It would be great if I were afforded the opportunity to meet him and just sit down and chat, but I also know that will probably never happen for just “folks” like me. Anyway, this is my first visit here and I see Blasian admiration is truly a growing phenomenon. I am married to an African-American male, but I am still intrigued, nonetheless, by none other than Bi himself. I hope to learn more.

    • Hi BiAlamode, thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 Yes, Bi is truly something else. He’s got so much going for him. I think its because he experienced poverty and rejection at a young age, and it made such an impression on him, that he doesn’t allow anything to get in his way to success. So he works hard and is great at everything he does. And on top of that, he’s fine!! What I find even more fascinating is that he has a special appeal to black women. I wonder if he really knows. Hopefully he will see my blog one day and get a small idea of just how much we love him 😉

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