Oh D*mn

Lawdy lawd: Oh Ji Ho poses for W magazine in Hawaii

So…..I was having a somewhat bad day at work today, when my cousin forwarded me this photo of South Korean actor Oh Ji Ho.  You know what I love about this guy’s body (besides the fact that it’s stacked, of course)?  I love how his tanned skin color reminds me of a well-sculpted mound of clay, molded into the form of a Greek god with an unbelievable physique, left to sit out in the sun and bake.to.perfection.  Enjoy.

One thought on “Oh D*mn

  1. i agree, physically he’s amazing! i enjoy his acting, but still i’m waiting for the right script that will really showcase his acting chops. however, even if he turns out to be a better model and good-doer than actor, i’d be perfectly fine with that!

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