Black Women Do Love Asian Men

It’s true!  Its the reason I started this blog.  I saw such an overwhelming positive response from black women to Bi and other Asian male celebrities on youtube and other blogs/social networking sites, and also to everyday Asian men who have proclaimed their love for black women.  How cool is that!

A few years ago, I was having breakfast with a friend (who’s not such a big fan of Asian men) and was trying to convince her that she should try dating an Asian man.  She asked me why, and I really did have to think of a good reason (besides the superficial “cuz you’ll have beautiful babies” etc reasons).  And then it hit me: black women and Asian men have a trait that sets them apart from all others.  They try, and they try HARD.  What do I mean by that?  Both are statistically less desirable to date; probably because of their loyalty and devotion to their family/culture/tradition, but they both work their butts off to prove to the world that they are better and worthy, despite how they are portrayed by the media and Hollywood.  If you put a successful Asian man and black woman in the same room together, and they’re attracted to each other, and they start dating, get married etc….BAM!  Watch out world!  Here they come!  Talk about power couple!  The possibilities are endless.

I think that black women and Asian men dating is rare because neither really knows how the others feels and assumes the other isn’t attracted.  Even with all I’ve seen and heard, I still get nervous if I see a good-looking Asian man.  I am afraid to approach him because 1) as a rule, I don’t approach men and 2) I don’t think he’ll be attracted to me.  I just assume it.  I/We have GOT to get past that.

That’s the other purpose of this blog (besides showing love to Asian men).  I want black women to come here and familiarize themselves with at least the look and “feel” of some Asian men so that they are not so freaked out and frozen the next time they see one that could be a potential boyfriend/husband.  That goes for me too!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, no matter what your gender or color!

7 thoughts on “Black Women Do Love Asian Men

  1. I agree, and think you’ve identified one of the biggest obstacles – is that neither one knows what the other is thinking or how they feel. Unfortunately, because of stereotypes and our lack of knowledge about each other, assumptions are made and everything stops there (before anything begins). Also, men in general are an interesting breed to figure out anyway, and add in some possible cultural differences and there you go. However, recently I ran across a blog where an Asian man stated that he is attracted to Black women, and expressed the misunderstandings, and how there is a lack of confidence to approach Black women.
    I like that this topic is being tossed out and discussed, and feel that it can only help with understanding both sides, and tearing down some of the invisible barriers that are in place. Overall though, why is it that when it comes to Black women being with a man of another ethnicity, that it seems to be such an exception? Is it the loyalty that you mentioned, maybe that’s it (have to think about that one)….. As a product of Black and Korean parents (the other way – Father and Mother), I will tell you first hand — we are all the same. Additionally, remember that culture, heritage, background, beliefs, our exposure and knowledge of the world affects us as well. This applies to Black women and Asian men, both of which have their history that has molded our viewpoints. Also some people are not attracted to any other ethnicity but their own. We know them, as we all have friends/family who feel this way – which is fine. Everyone has an individual view of what is attractive. Also let’s face another fact, though interracial relationships are more common today, there is still a whole set of circumstances and peer/family pressure (or whatever…) that goes along with being in an interracial relationship — and everyone is not up to dealing with it.
    As a first start, If you are interested in an Asian man, my thoughts are approach with open eyes, and an open mind. Seek to understand and share the things that are “new (don’t like the word – differences)”. Also remember some people (in general) have issues, If it doesn’t work out, don’t take it personally. We have all had our feelings (egos) hurt by a guy that we feel we must get to know better, etc… only to quickly find out, they don’t feel the same way about us. 😦
    Oh well, It’s their lose, right Ladies!
    BTW — I love Bi (Jung Jihoon) too, and I’ve never been what someone would call “a fan” of anyone. But that’s another discussion point. 🙂

  2. I ran across this guy while surfing on Youtube, and found his openness very refreshing…. He also has another one on “Asian male and Black women”.
    Check it out. 🙂

    • yes Tenchijk’s a big advocate of am/bw relationships..i’ve been watching his videos for a while. recently, he took some heat from some of his bw subscribers because he is now dating a woman who isn’t black, and some of these bw subscribers feel “betrayed”, if you will. i think its silly that they put so much stock into what he said. if he fell in love with a girl, it should not matter what color she is. maybe his mistake was telling everyone about it. at any rate, bw have to depend on themselves to validate themselves. its nice to see an am admitting his admiration for us, but we have to know that we beautiful/classy/sexy, etc without him having to say so. Just sayin 😉

  3. I have already seen a few of Tenchijk’s videos, especially the many of him expressing his attraction to black women. And I was totally “shocked” and “surprised” that he had never even dated a black woman before (or was it that his gf at the time wasn’t black?) either way I was kinda “angry” for lack of a better word. I was more “upset” then anything because it’s almost like how can you say you like somebody (i.e., black woman) if you’ve never been with a black woman. And I’m not talking about sex! Knowing what it’s like to be in a dating relationship with a black female. Yeah, I’m glad he admitted his attraction, but come on man, you gotta go there to know there! That’s all I’m saying.

  4. Initially, I didn’t think that Asian men weren’t interested in Black women because their minds were on only Asian women or if they were dating out of their race, it would be with a White woman. Far as Black women, at least with the ones I knew, it was something stereotypical like ” They are short” though one or two would say that they would be interested in dating an South Indian man or Japanese men–because of heights and far as the Japanese because they seemed so cool to them.

    Far as any attraction to an Asian man, I don’t treat the issue anymore differently, than I would if somebody asked me about my attraction to a Black man. My requirements are the same for all. It’s one of those attractions that have to hit me. I’ve been attracted to all races of men. Though I’ve never dated interracially, i’m not against it and I’m all about a good man, regardless of what racial background they derive from.If it’s meant for me to be with that man, a way would made for us to be together.That is how I see it.

    The kind of man that I admire is man that woman can grow with. I see him as a person who I could see possibly marrying( if I desire it) and over 30 or more years later, we telling our children/grandchildren about our marriage–how we had our days of prosperity,how we overcame the storms in our lives, how great of a family man, community oriented my husband is (and him to say the same for me)–in general, I would like a man that my kids would be proud of.

  5. Monica,

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate with Techni’s video. I’m African-American, I’ve never dated a guy outside of my race( though the closest to it was with an African guy). Not because of any ill will, or lack of attraction to them,but for me, it was my own insecurities about it. I had soo many reasons why an Asian guy would never be attracted to an African American woman like me. I even suspected that a South ( Asian) Indian man wanted to date me, but again those ” what if’s” came on my mind. I thought of myself as not being small enough, light enough and on top of that I didn’t think that he would be into me because of familial traditions.,but it didn’t mean ( and still doesn’t mean) that I won’t.

    I don’t know what reasons that Techni haven’t dated the woman of his dreams, but for all we know ,he could have some similar insecurities about it( eg, family ,friends or some other things)or maybe the right Black woman haven’t tickled his funny bones yet,but it’s evident that he has an interest in them –and eventually I believe he will act on it.

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