Bi’s girlfriend (possibly)

Has anyone heard the rumours about Rain having dated Jihyun Jeon since October 2009?  Check out one of the many online articles here:

Rain and his management team have denied the rumour, and its always possible that it is just a rumour, but let’s break this down.  Rain’s hot, virile and single.  He probably gets propositioned/hit on on the daily.  I don’t really know how the women in his entourage/staff can stand it–working so closely to him.  So its very likely that Rain has met several women in the past year that have gained his interest.  I don’t know much about Jihyun, but she seems to be the ideal type he’d go for.  Why?

1) She’s older than him.  He’s stated over and over that he’s attracted to older (or at least, older than him) women.

2) She’s classy and beautiful (see below), and is a popular actress.  Someone on his level.

3) Not alot of people know, but he’s stated several times in interviews that she’s his ideal woman.  Chances are this news got back to her.  She was engaged to some Korean-American guy for a while, but since becoming single, she probably hit Rain up as quickly as she could.  Can’t say I blame her!

Jihyun Jeon: Rain's possible girlfriend?

Once again, I know this is a rumour, but I tend to think its true.  As a fan of Rain, I have mixed emotions:  on one hand I am a bit jealous, but on the other, I am pleased to know that he’s normal and loves women.  It’d be a waste if he was gay!!  On top of that, he works so darn hard that he does deserve joy and happiness in his life.

Honourable mention:  Im Soo-Jung.  On a recent talk show, Rain said that his ideal girl was his “I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Ok” co-star Im Soo-Jung.  He could have said this to divert the media/fans’ attention from his possible relationship with Jihyun, but I thought I’d mention it.  My opinion on her is she is a cutie and a bit quirky, so I could see why he would like her.

Im Soo Jung: So cute and quirky

4 thoughts on “Bi’s girlfriend (possibly)

  1. I always prefer ım soo jung to ji hyun! she has an ability to make herself and the others happy when I always see her I feel comfort with an smile on my face! there is something deep in her face and her character! and when I was watching rain and her interviews in the past I saw him looking her so lovely and I started to think that he liked her so much if its love or friendly emotions then Last year I saw him in shin haechul’s special edition in one part shin ask him about ISJ then rain shocked,gulped and ask back do you like her? and start to praised her like an angel and I was like rain why you excited that much?! and this ideal girl confession! in the end after he chosed her as an ideal behind the rain a women says what is the different between ISJ and me? everyone laughs and subjects change for a moment bla bla…and I saw rain’s face at the down I cant tell it go and look at that moment I dont know but everyones trust my feelings and my feelings says he love her secretly even if he is really dating with ji hyun!

  2. both of them are cute and accomplished…i don’t blame rain one bit if he’s dating either one secretly….some of the kpop fans are rabid! or, if he’s already mentioned in interviews why either one would be his ideal girlfriend, he’s likely letting the public know (in so many words) that things have progressed at least that far…. that fits his character.. he’s very open and candid about a lot of his feelings and thoughts…i just wish him the best with any of his relationships…

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